The lounge

Along with the wall colour, the flooring was one of the main things we wanted to change as soon as possible. I’ve always wanted to have parquet flooring, Tom and I agreed it would look amazing in the lounge and we managed to find 19sqm of oak parquet looking on eBay for £150! We needed to get another 5sqm to make up the rest of the room, so we had to buy that brand new.






When we viewed the cottage it was hard to see exactly how big the lounge was. There was furniture everywhere, stuff hanging on every wall and the previous owners had decorated the room a dark red which made it feel a lot smaller. One thing we fell in love with when we viewed it was the huge fireplace with original beams and log burner, it soon turned out to be our favourite room in the house. ​

Over the course of about 9 days Tom and his dad worked their butts off to sand all the blocks individually, cutting them to size and laying them. Luckily we were able to borrow an industrial floor sander from my uncle, so Tom spent a Sunday sanding the final layer down so the floor was entirely even then we finished it off with a layer of danish oil.