The bathroom

This room didn’t feel as urgent as the others because it wasn’t in a bad state of repair compared to many of the other rooms. It was very modern compared to the age of the property though and we knew we wanted to make it look more in keeping with the rest of the cottage. 

We managed to find the sink and the bath from Facebook marketplace for a total of £75. The bath was green and the feet were entirely rusted, so we spent one weekend stripping back the green paint and respraying it.


We also found an old original cast iron Thomas Crapper cistern in the garden being used as a plant pot, which Tom restored to it’s former glory and we swapped out the modern toilet for the original toilet!

It’s not the biggest bathroom, but we created a lot more space by taking out the old bath and replacing it with a freestanding bath. The previous owners had laid lino on the floor which we ripped up and put ceramic tiles down which also made the room feel slightly bigger!