Our Kitchen was one of the hardest rooms in the house, you won't believe what it looked like before!

Our Kitchen was extremely dated when we first moved in. The walls had very old tiles on them and the floor was covered in green lino. The ceiling had one of those awful strip lights with years of dead fly carcass's inside and the ceiling itself was covered in polystyrene tiles. It didn't matter how much I cleaned it, it always looked grubby.

The Kitchen was the second room we worked on, it was important to get the kitchen and bathroom done quickly so the house was liveable. It wasn't long before we started ripping out the cupboards and scraping the tiles off the walls and lifting up the lino. One of the first things Tom did was knock out the small random window then family helped us brick it back up ready for plastering. The above picture was taken before we moved in.

It was so much fun tearing out all of the cupboards (what even was that one by the door?!!) It meant we had to work very quickly in order for us to live in the house. The first few weeks consisted of a lot of microwaveable meals and we temporarily installed our oven and put it on wooden stand so we could heat stuff up in the oven. I think in the first few weeks of living there we must have done at least 15 trips to and from the tip with the trailer full to the brim.

This is what it looked like at it's worst. I remember dreading coming home sometimes because of how gross it was (notice how lovely the bathroom looked too!). I couldn't wait to be able to cook in there and entertain guests without it looking like an absolute wreck!

This is what it looked like when we had stripped everything bare. The plasterer had to dot and dab the walls and ceilings because of the state of them (you can see the mould on the left). I remember coming home from work one day and the plasterer had put up all the plasterboard's, me and Tom were so excited!

It was absolutely freezing in the house, the above picture was taken on 18th December 2016. We had to move out for a week or so so the plasterer could get to work but it was so exciting when it started looking more like a room than a crack den!

Here's what it looked like with the boards up. It doesn't look like much here, but it was such an improvement to what it looked like before!

And here's what it looked like between plastering and putting out final coat of paint on. We went for grey just because of how clean and neutral it looks.

Because we didn't have a great deal of money to work with, we decided to buy a second hand kitchen from eBay. We managed to find one not too far from home and bought it for £300! I've hated the cupboard doors from day one, so we're going to change them soon to some nice

wooden dark grey ones but for the time being, they'll stay!

When we were deciding on how the kitchen was going to look, we both decided we wanted wooden worktops but we were going to struggle to afford solid wood worktops so Tom found out how to make worktops out of scaffolding boards. I must admit, when he first said he was going to make them out of scaffolding boards I was a bit sceptical but he spent ages sanding them and making them look beautiful and we were so pleased with them in the end - and it was so much cheaper to do than getting solid wood worktops!

Next was the floor! We decided to go for some simple slate effect tiles because we had spent so much on the bathroom tiles! These were 19p each from B&Q, we did the whole thing ourselves! No more green lino!

And here it is all finished! Sorry it's not the best image of the Kitchen, but I'll post some even better ones once we have out new cupboard doors!

House renovation doesn't have to cost an arm and a leg, this sink was taken from Tom's parents garden, it was being used as a plant pot! The metro tiles were next to nothing too. The overall cost of our kitchen was about £700, thats including the worktops, plastering, tiles etc!