How we completely transformed our bathroom!

For as long as I can remember, I've always looked forward to owning my own home and being able to decorate it the way I want. In November 2016 me and my husband Tom bought our first home together. It was so far from what we imagined our first home to be, the whole house needed renovating, there were damp problems, and structural issues but it didn't put us off. The moment we viewed it, we could see the potential! Sometimes you have to look beyond the textured wallpaper and the 40 year old carpet to see what it could be.

At one point, the bathroom was the most depressing room in the house. It had polystyrene tiles on the ceiling and cork tiles on the walls. The back wall had damp issues and it was a very gloomy room to go in to - let alone enjoy a bath in! More or less straight away we started stripping the walls and ceilings of it's 70's decor so we could make it look nice again.

Although a lot of what I'm about to share looks like it cost a lot to do. We managed to do everything on a budget - it was really exciting getting to pick our own tiles, colour pallets and theme.

Our bath was bought from a local market for £90. It was only after we installed it that we had a look into the price of the taps and they alone were £120! Tom resprayed the body of the bath and took the feet off and shined them up- it looked as good as new when he had finished! Sometimes it just takes a little TLC to make old things look new again and it goes so well with our tiles!

This milking stool I found in an antiques shop for £10. I thought it worked really well in our bathroom to give that new and old feel to it. I can't resist decorating the bathroom with indoor plants and handmade soaps, it gives it such a homely feel.

Anyone that knows me well will also know how much I love making things. Last summer I spent a lot of time using Pinterest trying to get inspiration for our home. I stumbled across a few bits that I thought would be easy to make. This is where we got the idea for our shelf.

Although it's mostly for decorative use, these little shelves were made from a wooden pallet. I spent a Saturday afternoon taking the pallet apart, sanding down the panels and varnishing them. All I had to do, was show Tom the picture of what I wanted it to look like and he made it in about 20 minutes! Totally free to make and it breaks up the grey in the bathroom!

Baths have become a big thing in our home now. I can't resist coming home, taking the makeup off and getting into the tub for a relaxing half an hour or so. Bliss.

The taps in our bathroom were a cheeky freebie. Tom and I visited a reclamation yard which was closing down, and we were given them for free! They needed a little shine up with some Brasso, but they came up good as new and worked perfectly!