It's becoming more and more apparent that soon enough the planet we know and love will be struggling to keep up with us as consumers and we don't have long before the changes to our ecosystem are irreversible. We need to be taking responsibility for the effect we're having on our planet, it's important to think about your clothes, not buying into fast fashion trends and considering how many different ways you can wear something before you buy it. Soon enough, if everyone thinks about where their clothes will end up and what effect it will have on our environment, the sooner we'll be taking a step in the right direction.

Sadly people still aren't aware that the fashion industry is the second largest contributor to environmental waste next to the oil industry. According to a recent publication from UK parliament around £140million worth of clothing goes to landfill every year. With consumer demand increasing for emerging trends, fast fashion brands are still thriving as they're able to churn out garments at a rapid rate and a low price.

I've been trying for a long time now to reduce the amount of clothing I buy and making the most of items I've got already existing in my wardrobe. Being a fashion graduate I've had to endure four years of feeling as if I need to stay ahead of the trends, but now after sifting through my wardrobe I've noticed how much you can get out of your everyday basics. Although my style isn't the most colourful or captivating, I have managed to get ten outfits out of three basic t-shirts and three blazers.