Moving house can be a stressful experience for anyone, including your pet. The endless boxes, change in routine and new surroundings can seriously affect your dog and their mental health (yes they suffer with their mental health too, just like us). So being aware of the following may help keep things calm and keep your dog happy.

Buy plug in pheromones:

Dog appeasing pheromones (DAP) is a pheromone that female dogs produce after they have puppies, which keeps the mother and puppies feel secure. You can buy these plug-in diffusers from any reputable pet store, once plugged in they release DAP into the air. We used these a lot when Molly was chewing the furniture and they really worked. Plug these in while you're packing boxes to chill them out a little.

Keep their routine the same: Although their surroundings are changing, it doesn't mean everything has to change for them. Dogs generally have a good sense of time, they know when they go for a walk, when they get fed and when it's play time. If their routine changes drastically with the added stress of the change in environment I can guarantee you, your dog will get stressed and feel anxious.

Reassure them:

It's likely they'll think you're leaving them behind when you're moving stuff in and out of the home. So even if you're busy packing, set aside some time to give them some love and reassurance that they'll be coming with you to the new home. It sounds silly, but they really do understand!

Unpack your dogs stuff first:

Dogs rely heavily on their sense of smell, familiar scents make them feel calm. By putting down their beds, blankets and their toys will help them feel more at home and a bit more relaxed!

Explore with them:

When they first get to the new house they'll initially be confused, let them sniff around and walk around with them while they do this. Accompanying your dog on this tour will make them feel reassured.

Remember: Your dog won't be used to this new environment, so it's critical you allow for accidents to happen. If he or she goes to the loo in the house, be patient and don't tell them off. It's easier to show them where you expect them to go in the future so they can quickly get used to their new routine. Reward them when they're going outside, just like you practiced when you were training them before!

We we're lucky enough to be able to keep Connie and Molly with Tom's parents on the day of the move and the day after until we got some of the boxes cleared, but we made sure the house felt like home for their return. We've been in our house just over a month now, and the girls have never been happier in their new home!