It’s been an exciting few months since we moved into our cottage on the 20th December! We’ve completely fallen in love with living in a village and even more so with our new home. We have lovely neighbours, scenic dog walks and we're just a stone’s throw away from Hitchin. We’ve already been so busy with the house we haven’t had a chance to sit down and relax so I thought I’d share what we’ve been up to so far…

So between Christmas and New Year Tom spent the majority of his time off repairing the windows. Eventually (when we have the money) they will need ripping out and new ones going in but for now, Tom has scraped out all the rot, filled the windows with wood hardener to protect them from the weather, filled them, sanded them and repainted them! Thankfully there’s not a bit of pink in sight!

While Tom was busy painting the outside, I spent 3 days painting our new bedroom. It all needed painting by hand, to tape up all of the wooden beams would have taken days in itself and although it took longer than expected, we’re so happy with the end result! It feels so good waking up in this room. All we need to do now is gloss the skirting boards and get some bedside tables and it will be finished!

We had some friends over to help with the hallway (thanks Jenny and Ben!), when we moved it had a stripy wallpaper and textured floral wallpaper. We’ve now repainted the hallway two shades of grey and re-glossed all the dado rail. When we eventually come round to doing the kitchen we’re going to continue the floor tiles through to the hall way but for now we’ve got laminate flooring down.

I think our biggest achievement so far is the lounge, we managed to get 19sqm of oak parquet flooring for £150 from eBay. Basically the woman who was selling it listed it as wooden parquet flooring and when we went to collect it she said she wasn’t sure what it was but it was bloody oak! We needed to get another 5sqm so bought that brand new. Over the course of about 9 days on and off Tom and his dad worked their butts off to sand all the blocks individually, cutting them to size and laying them. Luckily my uncle was able to lend us an industrial floor sander, so Tom spent one Sunday sanding the final layer down so the floor was entirely level then we sanded it by hand with a fine sand paper to make it smooth then finished it off with some Danish oil to bring out the grain of the wood. It’s been a few weeks since the floor has been finished and I still can’t get over how beautiful it looks! We’ve made a start on the skirting boards and we still need a new TV unit but we’re nearly finished in this room too.

Things are on hold for a little while now as we’ve had to fork out for a new boiler, but our next project is the dining room so stay tuned! Thank you to everyone that's been able to help us so far, we're so grateful for you all, you know who you are!