As a dog owner I have scented candles on the go all year round, but this time of year is my favourite. From orange and cinnamon to teakwood and tobacco, this festive season brings the best homely scents. For me there is nothing better than getting home from work and slipping into my comfies, pouring myself a red wine and lighting a few candles. It really is one of life’s little pleasures for me.

I have recently invested in a wax melter, and was so flattered when Kirsty at Thornbush Hill reached out to me on Instagram and asked me to photograph some of her Christmas range. I’ve had them on the go for weeks now and the kitchen smells so Christmassy! They come in Frankincense and Myrrh, Blackberry and Bay and Festive cranberry and apple. I love getting home from work and having the wax melter on the go while I’m cooking.

I was first introduced to St Eval candles by my mum, who's had them for years. Based in Cornwall, the company takes inspiration from Cornish countryside and create fragrances inspired by nature. The orange and cinnamon scent reminds me so much of my childhood. It was only by chance that I was in TK Maxx a few weeks ago and spotted them on the shelf, so I stocked up on them to give them out as Christmas presents (one for myself too!). It’s such a strong beautiful scent and you can smell it throughout the whole house when you’ve got them lit!

When Tom went to San Francisco last year he bought me home this Teakwood and Tobacco soy candle. I cannot begin to describe how heavenly this scent is! I would only light it when we had guests over, so I was so excited to learn a shop in our local town started stocking it! We’ve bought a couple of them as presents and I will no doubt be treating myself to a few more as soon as this has burnt out.

Another one of my favourite scents is Winter Pine from Sand & Fog. Their candles are made with essential oils and the burn time for them is really good value for money. I’ve had this one on the go for about 72 hours now and they always burn flat.

Whether you're buying for yourself or gifting for someone else, these scents are bound to get you into the festive spirit, and they make your home smell AMAZING!