Prior to me and Tom going to Cuba, I was obsessed with the idea of loosing weight in order for me to be 'bikini ready'- whatever that means... for a long time I have struggled with my weight, always putting on weight then loosing it over time which has left me with marks and occasional cellulite! I even joined Slimming World two months ago, to get myself feeling ready for my holiday. Now I'm sat here writing this blog post on a beach I can only describe as paradise, my worries about my weight seem to have floated away like the waves in front of me.

I really dislike the term 'bikini ready', so what if you don't look like a size 8 stick thin model? Who are you trying to impress anyway? If it's purely for the purpose of other people, you have it very wrong. The only person you need to impress is yourself, and if that means loosing lots of weight and going to the gym 5 days a week, then that's great.. who am I to judge? Do whatever makes you happy, for me walking the dogs in the evening and slumping down on the sofa with my husband is sometimes my idea of a perfect evening. I just want to make it clear for all young women out there who are constantly comparing themselves to celebrities they follow on Instagram and models you see in magazines that it's okay if you don't look like them. Trust me 'bikini ready' or not - you'll still have a great holiday!

For myself, I know I could do with being a bit healthier, I definitely need to exercise a bit more but I will be doing it for myself not for Instagram, society, not even for Tom, but solely for myself. If you're not feeling bikini ready, then stop stressing about it. You don't need to loose weight to fit in with someone else ideals - you just need to look forward to your holiday. Drink and eat what you want - what else are holidays for!