It’s October which means it’s officially Autumn! I know the temperature has dropped only slightly but we’ve already had the log burner on and I’m yearning for frosty mornings, duvet days, winter boots and cosy jumpers! Because we’re in that in-between-seasons limbo, it’s a struggle to know what to wear at this time of year. Do I go out in a t-shirt, jeans and birkenstocks or jumpers jeans and boots? Either way, I think the dresses can be packed away and we can start to re-introduce our winter clothes and think about what to wear for the upcoming colder weather *jumps with excitement!*.

I’ve been making the most out of my existing clothes for a long time now, and this forthcoming season won’t be any different. I have a range of classic jumpers and jeans which will see me by for years to come. I do have a few jumpers which have started to bobble, so when investing in a capsule wardrobe it’s not only important to think whether or not it will be in style years down the line but also if the price point is quite low, will it even last you for years to come? I’m a firm believer in the saying ‘you buy cheap you buy twice’. So although some of the products I’m about to suggest below might be of a higher price bracket, the likelihood of it lasting just that much longer than your £40 Topshop jumper is much greater.

If you’re wanting to invest in a capsule collection for the colder months, I would suggest having a look into five solid knitwear pieces. Combine these five with a different blazer and jean combinations and you’re on your way to a capsule collection not just for AW19, but for years to come.

1) A turtle/polo neck

Not everybody’s favourite, I know…(and not everybody can pull it off) but styled under a tailored blazer and tucked into jeans can look really chic.

2) A chunky/cable knit

I haven’t actually got a chunky knit jumper for myself, every year I say I’m going to invest in one but never do. These jumpers are perfect for laying up on extra cold days and finished off with a thick scarf and skinny jeans. This way you can go out without a coat and still be snug as a bug (chunky knits with coats can sometimes make you look like Michelin man)!

3) Crew neck or round neck jumper

For those of you that don’t like a turtle neck or polo neck, a round neck jumper is the next best thing. You can layer up with a shirt underneath, a dress or even a skirt and boots.

4) Oversized Jumper

Not just perfect for snuggling into on colder days, but also looks super classy with cropped jeans, heeled boots and a double breasted blazer or coat.

5) Mock turtleneck

For those of you not loving the idea of a turtle neck or polo neck, a mock turtleneck is your next best bet. I’ve got a grey one I’ve had for three years now and it goes with everything. The neckline on a mock turtleneck is narrow enough to sit flat against the neck, whilst giving a really nice shape to the jumper.

For a capsule wardrobe, I would recommend sticking to neutral hues. Although the bright and bold jumper is fun from time to time, it won’t always go with everything. However if you can picture five different ways to wear something though, you’re pretty much onto a winner!

1) Cropped Cashmere Turtle - Reformation

2) Chunky Cashmere Knit - Whistles

3) Angelic Pullover - Freepeople

4) Oversized Wool Blend Sweater - & Other Stories

5) Long sleeve everyday cashmere mock neck sweater - J Crew